Loki chasing yarn




Loki found another site today. Scratch: a programming language for everyone. To create interactive stories, games, music and art. Scratch|Project| Cat Chasing Yarn


4 responses to “Loki chasing yarn

  • Eric and Flynn

    Hello Loki, it’s nice to meet you. We heard about you from Shadow, Molly and Trooder. We like to chase things too.

  • meowers from missouri

    hi, loki! we thought maybe you would haf red hairs, like the god you’re named fur, but nope–you are a most handsome porch panther!! we’re great chasers, too, but mostly of each ofur. an’ that dratted “red dot” that appears efurry once in a while, an’ seems to gif mom & dad such a big laugh. we suspect they’re teasin’ us somehow, but dunno how to prove it! c’mon ofur to chez pierce an’ visit us. we hafn’t been furry active lately (summer, an’ it’s hot, y’know), but you’re welcome any time! oh, yes: we haf a woofie named cocoa–hope you’re not askeert. she won’t hurtcha. she only beats up nitro;-)

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