Sunday – Loki Lucky

Last night we got our first snow of the year. It’s very pretty! Nanny went to annual craft fair and bought a raffle ticket and she won 250 dollars.  Nanny has been going to the annual craft fair for ten years and she had never won anything. She thinks the reason she won is because of me. She is convinced that I bring her luck. She called me LOKI LUCKY.  Nanny thinks the superstitions about Black Cats are ridiculous. Sadly, black cats and black dogs are less likely to be adopted. I moved into this home a year ago and here’s what happened.

  • I made her smile a lot
  • We started a blog and we met wonderful new furfriends
  • My Daddycat was hired by the coolest company in a bad economy (I thinks, very lucky)
  • Nanny older son was interviewed last week by the FAA ( that’s lucky too!)
  • Nanny is still working even thought they predict that the company might go under (She’s working four days now but has more time for me and the doggies)

    What do you think? Black Cats Lucky or Unlucky?

Nanny met a woman at the annual craft fair and she owned four black cats. Nanny bought a cute black cat charm from the nice lady. If you are curious you can visit their online store at:  Ebonypaws Creative


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