About Loki

Loki’s home! Saturday night Loki was placed under general anesthesia and his colon was manually evacuated.  Loki was discharged yesterday. Poor Loki, he lost twice his weight and I can see his bone on his back.  Loki could not stand on his feet and kept falling and it was heartbreaking. I gave him some food and water using a syringe.  It’s easy to fool a dog with medication but it’s impossible to fool a cat…

Loki slept with Nanny in her bed last night and for the first time since many days, Loki drank water and ate food this morning. Nanny is taking a vacation day today so she can watch Loki. The doggies were in their best behavior and are super nice with Loki.  Loki is sleeping right now.  Nanny has to monitor his stools but so far nothing.  I did not take any photos of Loki, I will wait when he’s better.

I was told by the Vet that it is highly probable that Loki will be affected by this condition for the rest of his life which mean that commercial food does not work.

Thank you for being there through this and your friendship means a lot to us.


28 responses to “About Loki

  • Teri and the cats of furrydance

    So glad he is home and on the road to recovery. Call me if you want to chat about him–we see many “manual evac” cats where I work and only a few turn into megacolon but there are some OTC fiber supplements/laxatives that work well-Miralax is what we recommend mostly now–all the vets on VIN (the vet info network board) are talking about it…

  • The Creek Cats

    Loki, we are so glad you are back home with your sweet Nanny! We purr and purray that you continue to improve and will be back to normal furry soon! We love you!!!

  • Freya & Teego


    So glad you’re home again Loki!!!


  • The Paw Relations

    I am so glad that Loki is home with you. I tossed and turned all night worrying about him.

    I hope he conitues to improve!

  • The Monkeys

    Good to hear you’re back home, Loki!

    We will continue to purr for a speedy recovery!

  • Harry Spotter

    I am so glad he is home. He will recover much better now that he is in a loving home with his nanny. We will keep purring and praying for Loki and his family. Keep us posted.

  • Cat of Nine Tales

    We’re purring for Loki’s continued progress.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  • Charlemagne and Tamar

    Oh Loki! We’re so sorry that you’ve had such health problems. We are very glad that you are back home and eating and drinking again. We’ll keep sending massive amounts of purrs for you to feel better soon!!!

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  • The Island Cats

    Oh Loki! We are so glad you are home now. Now all we want is for you to feel better. We’re purring for you, buddy!!

  • Brian

    I have been worried about you too sweet Loki, keep getting better! My sisters and I are all purring for you my friend!

  • KC

    So glad to hear Loki is home again.
    All six of us Sherwood kitties are purring fur you.
    KC & Krew

  • felicia

    Loki, you sleep with Nanny and eat what your family gives you so you can grow strong.

  • 'Kaika

    We are happy you are home, Loki, and continue to send purrs. Teri of Furrydance sound like she has some supportive information for your mom that will help you both. Keep getting better, handsome Loki.

  • Everycat

    Welcome home Loki fella. We are so happy you are back, where you belong, safe, snug and loved. You have really been through it, but you will start to feel better now.

    Still rooting for ya and purring!

    Whicky Wuudler

  • ginger jasper

    Glad you are home sweet one.. Hope you are soon back to tip top health.. Hugs GJ xx

  • OneCatsNip

    Lokie I’m so glad your home! Mom and I will be purraying that things will get back to normal for you.

  • The Divine Miss Boo

    OH we are so glad and relieved to hear that Loki is home.
    You will nurse him back to good health and find the right
    food that will work for him
    We are keeping all of you in our purrs


  • Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

    We’re glad Loki’s home and we’re purring for him to get better fast.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  • Junior and Orion

    Loki, we are so glad to hear you are home. Rest up and eat up….very important. Keep fighting dude! We love you! Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

  • the Cat Street Boyz

    We all wish you wellness and hope you are feeling better very soon Loki. Our Tinker was sick with urinary blockage and after a 3 day hospital stay, they wanted him on special diet food. I did feed him this food for a few weeks then after he was improved changed his food to Wellness grain free. I read up on the ingredients in the special diet food and it did contain grain which is alkaline, then they add sulfur to make the ph acid (like egg yolks). I decided to change all my furkids from Merrick to Wellness but add Co Enzyme Q10, 30mg to Tinker’s morning feeding. Q10 helps with inflammation on the cellar level. It’s been working well and even our old cat, Cherokee has made a turn around with Wellness grain free. We assumed his fur was thinning due to his age of 16 but after just a few weeks on Wellness grain free to our surprise, his hair is growing back! I get FDA recall notices and some pet foods were recalled for not having enough vitamins and minerals to sustain life. Though the food we were using was not named we notice the amount in the cans was less and their was a more oily smell. Now when I see cherokee getting better every day I wonder!!!! Tinker is also doing great and the other Boyz are also. I really hope you find the right healthy diet for Loki and get that peace of mind with it. Our purrz & prayers are with you=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz and Mommy Holly

  • meowmeowmans

    Hooray! Glad to hear Loki is back home. Purrs and prayers…

  • Rumblepurr

    Be well my friend, and stay well.

  • Milo and Alfie

    We’re so glad to hear Loki is home.


  • Daisy the Curly Cat

    Loki, you are so brave! I am glad you are home and on the road to recovery. Eat as much as you can!

  • Laila and Minchie

    Loki, my love, I am so happy that you are back home with Nanny. I know you will eventually get your strength back and put all that weight back on that you lost. Thankfully this can be controlled with a different diet. Just pretend I am sleeping there next to you purring healing purrs.

    your loving ladycat,

  • Cats of wildcat woods

    Stopped by to see how Loki is doing – glad he is home and we are purriing that all his health issues get better!

  • Amy & The House of Cats

    Oh Loki we are glad to see you are doing a bit better – we hope that this is not something that bothers you for your whole life, but if so we know your mom will be taking good care of you. Hopefully a food change can prevent it. We hope you are feeling better today and eating and that you, well, are able to use the litter box. We are sending over lots of purrs and prayers for you Loki – feel better soon!!

  • Suzanne

    Glad to hear Loki is home…hope he continues to improve.

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