Tips Tuesday

Learn the basics of Fresh Catnip Tasting
by Sir Loki Clyde

1. Take a sniff.
You might want to put your nose closer
to get a more defined sense of the smell.
Or try moving the plant gently so
the aroma wafts up to your nose.
Pay attention to what you smell.

2. Now take a bite.
Get all your taste buds involved by running
the catnip around your tongue.
Don’t swallow just yet.
Think for a moment about the flavor.
Many times, the flavor will match the aroma,
but sometimes you’ll distinguish new elements.
The taste of the fresh catnip
may remind you of a tender mouse or juicy bird.

3. After you swallow the fresh catnip, notice the feel.
Does it make you feel wild or crazy?

So there you have it.


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