7 Facts about us

Our dear friends, Freya, Teego and Chatzi gave me an award!

It’s the irresistibly Sweet Blog Award!
We have to mention 7 random facts about us, and then pass it on.

1. Do you remember reading about Freya’s daddycat’s first cat, Scampie, who had learned the word “kiss”, and would stand on her back legs to give him a kiss on command?

Well, I don’t kiss on command, but I taught Nanny to follow me on command. The process is simple:  I sit in front of her and give her “the look”, and then Nanny gets up and follows me. If I lead her to the living room, it means that I need my treats. If I lead her to my daddycat’s old bedroom, it means that it is time for my petting. What is she getting in return? Well, my full protection: if the doggies dare to disturb my time with Nanny, I chase them out. The other human living in the house thinks that Nanny is a little crazy to follow me around, but I think he is a little jealous.

2. Have you ever heard someone say that animals are incapable of thinking?

Nanny disagrees with this, based on her observations of her two doggies. Deuce was the first dog. He is small — only 40 lbs. Later, Daisy joined the family. She was just a little puppy, and Deuce was extremely jealous of her. Every night Deuce would chase Daisy out of the bedroom. Daisy grew bigger, eventually reaching over 100 lbs. which meant that Deuce could no longer push Daisy around. Daisy came up with a clever idea: she would lie across the doorway to block the entrance. Deuce would whine and bark to be let into the bedroom. Daisy wouldn’t budge, so Deuce came up with his own clever idea. He would go up to the sliding door at the back of the house and bark as if there were someone out there. Daisy would get up and go over to the door and start barking, too. So Nanny would have to get up and let the dogs out into the backyard, which was fenced in. Daisy would rush out the door to investigate what Deuce was barking at, but Deuce would backup and stay indoors and would run back into the bedroom.  So, that’s how Deuce got rid of his sister and reclaimed the bedroom for himself.

This clearly shows that animals can think logically for themselves.

3. Eventually, Daisy became lazy;  she prefer sleeping in a comfortable bed, and she does not fall for his clever tricks!

4. I was not friendly to anyone at first, but the other human living in the house has mentioned to Nanny how friendly I became. Nanny believed that I became friendly because of love, and not discipline.

5. Nanny was not a cat lover until she met me but she is now!

6. We have nicknames too!

Loki poky – Daisy lazy and Deucy poopsy.

We would like to pass the award onto:

My sweet Laila and Minchie

The handsome Brian

The Island Cats

Fuzzy Tales


5 responses to “7 Facts about us

  • The Monkeys

    We love the power you have over your Nanny, Loki! We think love definitely makes everything better and you are very loved!

    We are purring Nanny is feeling better and gets better soon!

  • Fuzzy Tales

    Congratulations on your award, Loki, and for passing it on to us too! Don’t be upset if it takes the mom a while to post it…She posted one award fairly recently, totally forgot about another…That’s just how her brain goes. LOL.

    You have your Nanny trained very well! And the mom says only arrogant humans who think that Homo Sapiens are the pinnacle of evolution, would believe non-humans don’t think! Her ideas are very different, fortunately, and there is lots of scientific evidence to support that non-humans certainly do think.

    We’re sending purrs for good health to your Nanny! Our mom’s waiting to go for tests and she says the waiting–and imaging the worst–is the hardest!

  • Brian

    Great award Loki, and thanks so much for sharing with me! We all know cats can think…it’s just mostly we don’t worry about much!

  • Freya, Teego and Chatzi

    Aww LOKI!! My sweetheart! I’m am overwhelmed to think that I cheered up Nanny when she was feeling sad. You have absolutley made my week! 🙂

    Have a lovely day too!

  • Teri and the cats of Curlz and Swirlz

    Furry interesting to get to know you this way! Cute pix, too!

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