Mancat Monday

Have I mentioned that Nanny is learning how to ride and care for horses?
The last time Nanny rode a horse was a long, long, long time ago,
she felt and never rode again.
The true is Nanny is a scary cat, but she is trying to be braver.

Last Saturday, the owner of the farm asked
Nanny if she could come over and take some photos.

Nanny was sitting in her car setting up her camera when suddenly a cat jumped in through the window of her car.
She went to the back seat and lay comfortably on my blankie.
Nanny tried to put her outside, and she refused to get out; well Nanny did not try to hard, and let her spent all afternoon in her car.
There are two cats at the Farm, Maggie and Zoe, and they are identical.
I will never know who was sleeping on my blankie!
Nanny almost brought her home.

Here is the owner of the farm, Denyse with
Mini-Red and Bella all dressed up for Christmas!

Here’s Quinn, he’s very friendly and he likes to kiss women!
A few months ago, Nanny was feeding Quinn apples, and she got unexpected Kiss.
Nanny will never forget that kiss!

Denyse is a wonderful person, she has rescued many furfriends over the years.


4 responses to “Mancat Monday

  • Laila and Minchie

    Well, hello my handsome mancat! What cute pictures! Love those little horsies! And what a cute kitty sitting in Nanny’s car. I think he stayed there so long because he could smell you! I know I would!

    Your loving ladycat,


  • Fuzzy Tales

    Kudos to your Nanny for taking up riding again! It’s been almost 30 years since our mom’s done any riding, and she wasn’t very good way back then.

    Maggie or Zoe obviously knew a good, comfy spot in which to hang out!

  • Brian

    Such beautiful critters! I have never seen any of those horsie things up close, that would be cool!

  • Laura and Taffy

    Whew! That was a close one, Loki! You almost got a new sisfur. From the less than friendly look on her face, I would say that wouldn’t have been fun at all at all.

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