Mancat Monday

My sweet Laila sent me this lovely card.
I’m not sure but I think Laila and Minchie are working for Santa!
You better be good cause Laila and Minchie are watching you!
Thank you my sweetie!

I think someone is watching me… Could it be Santa’s little helpers?

Nanny did not do much for this coming Christmas,
she is a little sad (heartbroken), cause she found out a couple weeks ago
that my Daddycat is not coming this year!


6 responses to “Mancat Monday

  • Laura and Taffy

    Yes, indeed, you are being watched, Loki! Sandy Claws has all kinds of helpers, you know. We’re sorry that your daddycat is not coming this year. Happy Holidays to you and all of your family!

    Laura and Taffy

    • lokithecat

      Thank you so much, we saw on Cat Blogosphere that you don’t have a blog. Just read that Taffy was unwell. I hope Taffy is better! Wishing great Holidays too!

      Nanny & Loki

  • Fuzzy Tales

    Oh, your tree is so pretty, Loki. We’re sorry that your daddycat isn’t coming, but we wish you a wonderful holiday just the same!

  • Laila and Minchie

    That picture of you and my card is so cute! I feel so bad for you and Nanny that Daddycat will not be there to share Christmas with you. You are both more than welcome to teleport here to spend it with us.

    Your loving ladycat,


  • The Monkeys

    It looks like you have a direct line to Santa, Loki! We’ve been good (well most of us) too!

    We hope you and Nanny have a great Christmas and we hope Daddycat will come home soon to visit you both!

  • Brian

    That is a very nice card, and your tree is fantastic!!!

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