Mancat Monday

Nanny tells me that I stole her seat. Do I deserve the best seats in the house?

On “Mancat Monday”, I should be treated like a KING!

We apologize for not posting, Nanny had major
technical problems with her computer,
well, it died on her. Nanny lost all my videos, haft of my photos.

Nanny had to re-install all her software.

So sad…

On a different note, I would like to thank my sweet Laila for this lovely card.

You all know how I feel about “AMOUR (love)” right? As you can see,
I have my paw in front of my lovely card
because Nanny was trying to steal it from me, and I scratched her hand.
This is showing my true character ( a ladycat-protector)!

If you look at the photo carefully,
have you ever noticed the shape of my nose?


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