Happy Mother’s Day!

Two months have passed since our last blog  because Nanny and I have been extremely busy.  We are babysitting Jack the doggy, he has been with us for the past two months. I have to admit that Jack drives me crazy…  And we are in the process of selling the house!  I guess, we’ll find out next week if we are moving out!  Nanny said that she has found it difficult to clean and stage the house with three doggies, and I (moi) had found it difficult to spend endless hours sitting in the car with Nanny.

Nanny did not forget about my Blogoversary… Friday was another crazy day of adventure (cleaning, staging, and leaving the house for hours). I just want to say “THANK YOU” for your sweet comments, and a special thanks to my sweet Laila (I know, I’ve been the worst boyfriend ever).

Here’s a bouquet of flowers to all the sweet mommies (animal lovers). Happy Mother’s Day! It’s all about LOVE and APPRECIATION…


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