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Am I a Doggie Whisperer?


Jack the labradoodle was very naughty, and here I am whispering to his ear, and  the big  140 pounds woofy  has calmed down. Truly remarkable…  I can  communicate with doggies.  Or is it possible that he might be afraid of my big claws? I heard it can be painful.

All jokes aside… Jack has been with us for 10 months, and he’s the doggie of Nanny’s older son Kevin.   It was quite an adjustment to have him around.   Nanny has to hide my food in my bedroom and my litter box too.  Should I explain what Jack was doing in my litter box?  Or you can visualize…

Jack will stay with us for another four months. The most valuable lesson Jack has learned… Don’t mess with the cat!

Here are a few more birds. If Nanny was doing a real ” BIG YEAR” (birding) she would be way behind the competition!


Female Eastern Bluebird


Male Northern Cardinal

Here’s the next bird – Black-capped Chikadee


Here’s the information about the Black-capped Chikadee:

Hear the sound of a Black-capped Chikadee:

Bitter Mancat Monday


Why am I bitter? I was ignored all weekend. Why?  Because Nanny art teacher gave her an assignment, to paint her self-portrait.


Here I am sitting on the blank canvas, trying to tell Nanny that she is not  ready for that. She doesn’t know how to mix colors, and doesn’t know much about paint brushes either.


Nanny chose this black and white photo for the assignment. This is Nanny when she was a little girl, she was probably four years old.  She has never done a self-portrait before. She spent at least 12 hours this weekend to get to this.


She could probably spend another 12 hours trying to fix it… It doesn’t look anything like the photo. Nanny is wondering what she could have done to make it look better?


GEE!!!! Really Nanny!!!! I know, I know, you’re missing a key ingredient: it’s called TALENT!  While she was busy ignoring me, I kept myself busy too. Here are samples of my finest work.

It doesn’t require acrylic paint or paint brushes. My technique is sample… Removing the paint on the wall, and it doesn’t take me twelve hours to achieve this fine effect.


I think, it brings  the corner wall (the living room) a “je ne sais pas quoi”. What do you think? Magnificent? N’est-ce pas?


Here’s another sample of my work (the kitchen corner wall)…  Notice it’s signed by me! Not BAD… For a mancat!
To all the little kittens out there,  if you wish to learn this avant garde technique from uncle Loki, he would be delighted to show you how. Just call me, it’s FREE!

To be Sweet or Not?


Here I am… Sweet as I can be.


Notice my sweet little paw, and little doggie Deuce…


And strike!!!!


Here I am giving a big hug to the big big doggie Jack….


And strike again!!!!

It’s hard to believe but Nanny needs to watch me  constantly, because I’m a bit aggressive.  I might be littler in this house, but I’m acting like the biggest of all.

I’m living with three doggies, and they are a bit afraid of me.

Do I have what it takes to impress the ladycats?


Here is the second attempt drawing – A female Northern Cardinal.
The next one will be the male Northern Cardinal.


Mancat Monday


Any thoughts on my new blanket?  Isn’t a bit too flowery for a mancat?


Nanny first attempt at drawing using watercolor pencils and gouache.


I think, the male Eastern Bluebird is a bit fat… Oh well, maybe the second attempt will be better.

Here’s the second bird – Northern Cardinal


Here’s the information about the Northern Cardinal:

Hear the sound of a Northern Cardinal:

This is going to be a long year… All these birds are making me hungry!

A Big Year?


Did anyone saw this movie “The Big Year”? Well, the movie is about two bird enthusiasts try to defeat the cocky, cutthroat world record holder in a year-long bird-spotting competition. The competition is real.

Here’s a description from Wikipedia:

A big year is an informal competition among birders to see who can see or hear the largest number of species of birds within a single calendar year and within a specific geographical area.
Read more…

Nanny told me that she would like to do a big year (birding), but the problem is her knowledge about birds is quite limited! And frankly, it would be unfair to me, because she would have to travel a lot which mean paying less attention to MOI!


So, I came up with an idea, she presently is taking drawing lessons, not that she is good at it…  So, her challenge this year will be to draw as many birds as she can this year. The purpose of this crazy challenge, well to learn more about birds, and to draw me by the end of this year.  Her art teacher told Nanny, practice makes perfect (not sure if this is true) – all I know, she needs a lot of practice before attempting to draw me! I’m after all a complex subject!!!!

I told Nanny that I would LOVE to do a big year too! Not drawing the birds, but eating them! Nanny said NO! I know, she’s not cool.


Nanny could start with the Top North American Bird Fact Sheets from the website:

Here’s the first bird – Eastern Bluebird 

Eastern Bluebird

Here’s the information about the Eastern Bluebird:

Hear the sound of an Eastern Bluebird:

Does anyone want to joint us on our “crazy” quest?

A Recap of 2012


Happy New Year everyone!

Well all I can say is 2012 was quite insane.  Last year Nanny sold the house, and we moved to a similar house in the same town.
We had only 10 days to move out, which meant that we did not have time to clean up the house  where we were moving.

We were unaware that we were moving into a  house infested with FLEAS, and MOI being the PERFECT MANCAT was trying to tell Nanny about the  unpleasant situation by removing all my fur on my belly.

 Nanny read online that my bold belly could be caused by fleas or by something serious.

We went to the Vet twice this summer, and the Vet couldn’t find any fleas on MOI.

Nanny was really concerned because we did not know the cause of my problem.

We realized, we had a problem with FLEAS when the doggies went to the groomer, both were infested.


Then later on the Sandy Storm day a bubble was growing on the wall in the living room, the bubble was filled with water. We removed the paint on the wall and uncovered  MOLD!



Well, it’s 2013 and  I’m happy to report the FLEAS and MOLD are no longer, and my fur is starting to grow back. So the morale of my tale…