Bitter Mancat Monday


Why am I bitter? I was ignored all weekend. Why?  Because Nanny art teacher gave her an assignment, to paint her self-portrait.


Here I am sitting on the blank canvas, trying to tell Nanny that she is not  ready for that. She doesn’t know how to mix colors, and doesn’t know much about paint brushes either.


Nanny chose this black and white photo for the assignment. This is Nanny when she was a little girl, she was probably four years old.  She has never done a self-portrait before. She spent at least 12 hours this weekend to get to this.


She could probably spend another 12 hours trying to fix it… It doesn’t look anything like the photo. Nanny is wondering what she could have done to make it look better?


GEE!!!! Really Nanny!!!! I know, I know, you’re missing a key ingredient: it’s called TALENT!  While she was busy ignoring me, I kept myself busy too. Here are samples of my finest work.

It doesn’t require acrylic paint or paint brushes. My technique is sample… Removing the paint on the wall, and it doesn’t take me twelve hours to achieve this fine effect.


I think, it brings  the corner wall (the living room) a “je ne sais pas quoi”. What do you think? Magnificent? N’est-ce pas?


Here’s another sample of my work (the kitchen corner wall)…  Notice it’s signed by me! Not BAD… For a mancat!
To all the little kittens out there,  if you wish to learn this avant garde technique from uncle Loki, he would be delighted to show you how. Just call me, it’s FREE!


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