Am I a Doggie Whisperer?


Jack the labradoodle was very naughty, and here I am whispering to his ear, and  the big  140 pounds woofy  has calmed down. Truly remarkable…  I can  communicate with doggies.  Or is it possible that he might be afraid of my big claws? I heard it can be painful.

All jokes aside… Jack has been with us for 10 months, and he’s the doggie of Nanny’s older son Kevin.   It was quite an adjustment to have him around.   Nanny has to hide my food in my bedroom and my litter box too.  Should I explain what Jack was doing in my litter box?  Or you can visualize…

Jack will stay with us for another four months. The most valuable lesson Jack has learned… Don’t mess with the cat!

Here are a few more birds. If Nanny was doing a real ” BIG YEAR” (birding) she would be way behind the competition!


Female Eastern Bluebird


Male Northern Cardinal

Here’s the next bird – Black-capped Chikadee


Here’s the information about the Black-capped Chikadee:

Hear the sound of a Black-capped Chikadee:


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