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Mancat Monday

Study paints cats as killing machines


We already knew that… Always have been, always will be.

On the news yesterday:

(NECN: Amy Sinclair) – A new study is painting the nation’s cat populations with a tough brush. It says they’re essentially killing machines.

The study shows outdoor cats kill 2.4 billion birds a year and another 12.4 billion small animals.

So what’s a responsible cat owner to do?

“I think it’s a good idea and possible to have cats indoors and have them be happy and healthy,” says cat veterinarian Dr. Debra Givin.

“What we want to avoid are bored, fat cats who eat as their only pleasure,” says Givin.

Unless of course, cats take a cue from dogs and learn to chill out more. But, somehow, that seems unlikely.

Here’s the link to the video and article

That’s a lot of birds…  Why are the birds disappearing? Could the causes be… pollution, pesticides, mosquito diseases, effects of human interaction etc… ? What are they trying to tell us?  Cat over-population? Your thoughts?

Is there any training course  to learn how to chill out like a dog (please don’t bother answering this question)?


Take a good look  at me now. Do I have the face of a mancat killing machine?

Here’s another drawing bird – Male Black-capped Chickadee