Fantastic Friday


Woo-Hoo it’s Friday! Last night was Nanny last art painting lessons.  Now, she can devote her full attention to me. So, her last assignment was to do a painting of  her choosing. I finally put my paws down, and  I told Nanny, if she was going to ignore me again for 12 hours it better be about me. And she did!  She did a painting of Laila and I. I know, Nanny needs a lot of practice, but  did she capture my LOVE for Laila?


Yesterday, I did not mention anything about Laila on Valentine’s Day. She probably thought how insensitive I was, but I was waiting for her to get my surprise package, which was delivered on Valentine’s Day!  We sent the painting to Laila.

And my sweet sweet Laila sent me this lovely Valentine Card. 


There’s also a secret thing inside the card…. Sorry I’m not sharing!


 Isn’t she the greatest sweetheart?

Without Love… Where would we be?

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