About Loki


What can I say about myself? Well, I’m charming, witty, sophisticated and quite a good-looking fellow, as you can tell. I think I’m three years old, but honestly, I look much younger. I’m lazy sometimes—well, more likely bored out of my mind—and I like to sleep all day. I lived on the streets for a little while until I got trapped; I guess humans can’t stand seeing a cat walking around without a collar around his neck. I was put in a cage in a shelter, and I hoped that someone would get me out of there.

The food was horrible, and being around hundreds of cats complaining about the living conditions was quite depressing. One afternoon, a guy came to visit me; he came back a week later and brought me to his home. Finally I was free, out of the metal cage!

He was like me: he slept all day and was up all night. I have to say, it was quite nice to have someone taking care of me. He fed me when I was hungry; he played with me when I felt like it. We became very good friends.

Sadly, he left, and he won’t be back till the end of the summer. I guess he’s going to be an intern for the summer at a company called Google. He’s in Seattle, and I’m here in New Hampshire. So he left me with a middle-aged woman who has no clue how to take care of a cat. You see, she owns two dogs, one who weighs over a hundred pounds and the other one around forty. I had moved with them six months ago, and let me tell you, it was quite an adjustment! The little dog, Deuce, doesn’t leave me alone for a second, and the big one, Daisy, well, she’s okay with me but sometimes she likes to sniff me for hours. It’s quite annoying.

So the middle-aged woman is trying to show me tricks and is treating me like a dog. I can assure you that she was unsuccessful about trying to teach me how to sit. I am sure that she thinks that I’m a little slow, but I refuse to act like a dog. I do whatever whenever. Her job for the summer is to take pictures of ME every day so my friend can see that I’m still in one piece.

If you are a cat lover, before I go mad please send her comments on how to care for a cat. Any good advice would be deeply appreciated.


Hopeless Loki

8 responses to “About Loki

  • Lauren

    OMG Loki cat! My cat Loki is the spitting image of you! Crazy. You could always come and live with me you handsome devil 🙂

  • jansfunnyfarm

    The best advice we can give the lady is to wait on you hand and foot, day and night, making sure you are not too hot nor too cold, and that your bowl is always full, and … Have we forgotten anything, Loki?

  • Cat K.

    Her job is to scratch you behind the ears until you walk away. Shemust also provide delicious food – even in the middle of the night and fresh water. She cleans the unmentionable litter box. She is your servant! (This is somthing dumb dogs do not know!).

    Occassionally break somthing of hers- just to show her who is the boss. Then, pose and look very cute!

    Thses comments were prepared by Curtis the cat (AKA Bad-to-the- Bone)

  • Da Katie Katz

    ya knoh Loki… our Nana Moms cat Kitty had a baby dat weze named Loki… him went to lives wif a teecher bean and him was black too!

    how intursting.

  • Teri and the cats of furrydance

    email me at furrydance at g mail dot com and I will give you my cell #…we will be at BlogPaws this weekend but have an 8 hour drive home on Sunday so lotsa time to chat!

  • Jack

    I have a cat called loki too, although my loki is actuelly the Norse god loki in disguise 😉

  • Loki E.A.

    OMG I thought my cat was the only Loki around! She has a blog too, but me (her human) am doing a horrible job of updating the blog for her… It’s about her travels (I like taking her with me EVERYwhere). You are a gorgeous Loki cat as well, although my Loki will always be the best looking cat to me… 😉

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