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Fantastic Friday


Woo-Hoo it’s Friday! Last night was Nanny last art painting lessons.  Now, she can devote her full attention to me. So, her last assignment was to do a painting of  her choosing. I finally put my paws down, and  I told Nanny, if she was going to ignore me again for 12 hours it better be about me. And she did!  She did a painting of Laila and I. I know, Nanny needs a lot of practice, but  did she capture my LOVE for Laila?


Yesterday, I did not mention anything about Laila on Valentine’s Day. She probably thought how insensitive I was, but I was waiting for her to get my surprise package, which was delivered on Valentine’s Day!  We sent the painting to Laila.

And my sweet sweet Laila sent me this lovely Valentine Card. 


There’s also a secret thing inside the card…. Sorry I’m not sharing!


 Isn’t she the greatest sweetheart?

Without Love… Where would we be?

Friday Flashback


February, the month of love has arrived… Can you feel my heart beat, beat, beat, beating? This is a photo of me ( still in love) a couple years back.


Yesterday, I saw my dear friend Minchie watching a live web cam of Ripley’s Kittens. Looks like great fun!loki_hangouts

Minchie gave me an idea. Maybe, we could all meet face to face to face?  I would love to have a face to face with LAILA…
I think, it would be fun to see how we interact with each other. Cats Hangouts Anyone?

Mancat Monday

Nanny tells me that I stole her seat. Do I deserve the best seats in the house?

On “Mancat Monday”, I should be treated like a KING!

We apologize for not posting, Nanny had major
technical problems with her computer,
well, it died on her. Nanny lost all my videos, haft of my photos.

Nanny had to re-install all her software.

So sad…

On a different note, I would like to thank my sweet Laila for this lovely card.

You all know how I feel about “AMOUR (love)” right? As you can see,
I have my paw in front of my lovely card
because Nanny was trying to steal it from me, and I scratched her hand.
This is showing my true character ( a ladycat-protector)!

If you look at the photo carefully,
have you ever noticed the shape of my nose?