The Final Chapter… ?

As soon as Loki heard about the horrible situation, he quickly flew to England in his CatJet to meet with Science Freya. Despite his reputation for being a lady’s cat, Loki was an undercover spy working for the CCIA (Cat Central Intelligence Agency), and he knew that only Science Freya could help fight the villainous Master Misha’s evil plot. Freya, a brilliant scientist, met Loki at the airport and brought him back to her home.

When they arrived, standing there was Teego, her little brother. Quite frankly, he was annoying because he would not stop biting Loki’s tail. Loki didn’t pay any attention to the little brat.

“Freya, what can you do?” asked Loki, worried.

Freya was silent for a moment, and then she replied.

“The only way we can destroy the evil de-floofing machine is with another machine,” said Freya in a confident voice. Then she stood up and yelled, “We need T-RO-CAT!”

“What’s T-RO-CAT?” asked Loki.

“Well, T-RO-CAT is a robot,” said Freya proudly. “One of my inventions.”

“Great!” responded Loki excitedly. “Let’s get T-RO-CAT!”

“There’s a problem,” said Freya. “I have to go back to the future and bring him back here, and I’m not sure if I can do that successfully.”

“Hmm…Go to the future…Are you serious? It’s impossible! How can you do such a thing?” asked Loki in disbelief.

“Before you lose your mind, dear Loki, follow me,” said Freya.

They all went down to the basement. Against the far wall was a covered litter box; they entered it, and Freya pressed a button that was on the inside of the dome covering the box. Magically, the concrete wall in front of them opened.

Behind the wall was a lab filled with computers and a highly complex machine that Loki could not identify. All he knew was that it resembled a giant, covered litter box. Without wasting time, Freya went over to a computer and began typing on the keyboard. Then, she went inside the machine and vanished. So this was how she traveled in time!

A few seconds later Freya reappeared with a cat-shaped robot twice her size. The robot was a lean, mean, feline machine, half metal and half floof. Loki was quite impressed, but he suddenly noticed that T-RO-CAT looked familiar. His face resembled Teego’s! Was it possible that Teego and T-RO-CAT might be the same cat? Nah! He’s too much of an annoying little brat!

Suddenly, Freya shouted at Loki in order to get his attention.

“Loki, Loki! We have to go now! T-RO-CAT has to be back to the future in less than 24 hours,” she said in a panicky voice.

“Why?” asked Loki, still distracted by the sight of T-RO-CAT.

“Because, if we are not back on time, one kitten will vanish forever, and this will change the course of the future,” said Freya.

Without wasting another minute, Freya, Loki and T-RO-CAT flew back to America in his Catjet, leaving Teego behind. Along the way, they picked up a few blogosphere friends to help out. Laila, Minchie, Daisy, Brian, Junior, and Orion were perfectly trained for the dangerous mission, since they were all black-belt catninjas. Time was of the essence: one mistake and their future would be changed forever.

When they arrived at the warehouse, night had fallen. Slowly they all went in. The catninjas spread out and climbed up the walls quietly, their mission being to find all the missing friends. T-RO-CAT used his super x-ray laser eyes to scan the interior of the warehouse, looking for Master Misha and his evil de-floofing machine. He found him hiding in an office, the machine behind him.

“I’ve found him!” shouted T-RO-CAT in a metallic voice. “He’s hiding with the machine!”

“He must have heard my plane land,” said Loki.

“Follow me!” said T-RO-CAT. He bounded forward, Loki and Freya following close behind. The robot took several turns, and then burst through a door marked “Private.” The two cats waited outside.

As T-RO-CAT burst into the room amid shards of splintered wood, Master Misha ordered his evil machine to attack. But he had no idea that T-RO-CAT was invincible due to his superpowers from the future. Within a few minutes T-RO-CAT had broken the evil de-floofing machine into a thousand pieces.

However, the real danger was not the evil machine but Master Misha, because he would keep on building more evil machines. He had to be stopped.

T-RO-CAT grabbed Master Misha by the neck and lifted him off the ground. With his super mind power he sent thousands and thousands of the cutest kitten vibes into his brain to destroy his evil side. Victory! Master Misha became as sweet as a little kitten, with no badness left in his brain.

Loki and Freya watched in amazement as T-RO-CAT led the now-docile Master Misha out of the office through the shattered doorway. Wordlessly they followed the two figures back to the main area of the warehouse. They were in such a hurry to hop into Loki’s Catjet and fly back to England in order to get T-RO-CAT into the time machine that they didn’t stop to find out how the catninjas had fared.

For their part, the catninjas had found all the missing blogosphere friends with their floof intact. They wanted to thank T-RO-CAT, but sadly he already had left. The only question was….Did he make it back to the future?

The end!

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